WSOP APAC: Yu Kurita Makes Final Table in 6-Max Event With Phil Hellmuth

Yu Kurita (3)

31 players entered Day 2 of the AUD$2,200 6-Max event at World Series of Poker Asia-Pacific. When play concluded, only 6 players remained, ready to battle it out at the final table tomorrow. And what a final table this is! Phil Hellmuth is chasing his 14th bracelet, and this final table will be the Poker Brat’s 51st WSOP final table – an amazing achievement. Japanese player Yu Kurita also made the final table and she is the first woman to have done so at WSOP APAC.

At the start of the day 4 players had to be eliminated before the remaining 27 players were in the money. It happened after one hour of play, when Sang Lee’s pair of kings was cracked by Phil Ward’s pocket eights that hit a set on the flop. The eliminations came quick, and within 30 minutes eight players had busted, among them Tony Hachem, Jesse Sylvia and the only other female player in the field, Yaxi Zhu.

At the first break of the day only 15 players remained and with the elimination of Jackson Zheng, Tien Pham and Ashley Mason the final two tables were set. Yu Kurita was getting short stacked, but was able to double up, when she was all in with a pair of tens vs. a pair of nines for Michael Tran. Kurita was now sitting with 97,500 in chips.

Aussie Million champion Ami Barer was the next to go in 12th place, when he shoved with and was called by Kurita, who had picked up . The board ran out and Barer was eliminated, while Kurita now had a stack of 145,000.

Van Marcus, Brendon Rubie and David Lim were the next players to hit the rail and down to the unofficial 7-handed final table Steven Zhou was in the chip lead with 303k. Kurita was in 4th with 230k, Phil Hellmuth in 5th with 150k and Kris Nestrovic the short stack with 77k.

In one of the last hands of the night, Kurita was involved in a pot with Brazilian November Niner Bruno Politano. Politano had opened to 7,000 UTG and Kurita, who was in the big blind, made the call. The flop brought and Kurita bet 9,000. Politano responded with a raise to 23,500, which Kurita called. On the turn and the river both players checked. Politano turned over for a pair of queens, while Kurita had made a straight with .

Kris Nestorovic became the final table bubble boy when his AQ was beat by Hellmuth’s A9, which hit two pair on the flop.

Chip counts final table:
Steven Zhou 315,000
Alexander Antonis 278,000
Michael Tran 274,000
Yu Kurita 269,500
Phil Hellmuth 266,500
Bruno Politano 65,000

Congrats to Yu Kurita on her great performance and good luck tomorrow. The final table will play down to a winner at 12:10 local time.

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