WSOP Main Event Day 2AB: And Another One Bites the Dust

wsop-logoWhen the 1,933 remaining players from the first two starting flights returned to play Day 2ab of the World Series of Poker Main Event, they were all hoping for a fun day, a great run and ultimately the big treasure chest at the end of the rainbow. But when the day concluded only 656 players survived with the dream intact.

Fortunately some of those players were women. One of them was Nancy Birnbaum,  who started the day with 83,500 in chips. When the day was over, Birnbaum had put another 21,600 chips on top to advance to Day 3 with a 105,100 stack. And those chips were not easily won as Birnbaum had eight-time bracelet winner Erik Seidel to her right for a good part of the day. It was a satisfied Birnbaum that could announce, she was spending her day off at the pool:

888pro Jessica Dawley can do whatever she pleases in the next few days. She was knocked out, when she was all in with and was looked up by Theo Tran with in the hole. Dawley was in good shape to double up, but the board was a brutal one – and Dawley was sent to the rail.

Amanda Musumeci, who had been nursing a short stack from the start of the day, eventually decided to move all in with . Unfortunately a player woke up with a pair of aces to end Musumeci’s Main Event dreams.

On the last day in her 20’s, three-time bracelet winner Vanessa Selbst failed to experience this year’s Main Event in her 30’s – as she was knocked out to end an otherwise successful World Series of Poker, where she captured her third gold bracelet in Event #2.

Canada’s Xuan Liu can keep Selbst company as she busted the event too, as did Lauren Kling and Kristy Arnett. Liu, who at one time was at the same table as Arnett, was very impressed with the way Arnett played a hand:

In spite of strong play, Arnett followed Liu to the rail along with PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree and Main Event Europe winner Annette Obrestad.

In case you forgot, poker can be a pretty brutal game! In the final hand of the day, Obrestad got her last around 50k to the middle with on a flop. David Farber called with , and Obrestad was well in front with her flopped straight. The turn gave Farber a couple of outs to a full house, and unfortunately he hit one of those, when the prevailed on the river.

But it was not all mourning. Mikiyo Aoki, who recently finished runner up in the Ladies Event, seemed to be in the zone, and she bagged and tagged a huge amount of chips, 260,000 – enough for a 28th place finish. Joining the big stacks are Marcia Kuntz (240,000), Mimi Luu (202,300), Maria Mayrick (181,800) and Darlene Lee (178,000). On to Day 3 with healthy stacks are Marsha Wolak (120,600), Jamie Kerstetter (95,400), Cherish Andrews (91,500), Joanne Haas (91,000) and Brigette Lau (62,200).

Also advancing to day 3 are Maria Ho (49,300), Marian Fridman (48,7009) and Christina Lindney (35,000), who had a tough day at the tables:

With many of the top players gone, there are still plenty of great female players left in contention for the $10 million first place prize and the gold bracelet.

Photo: WSOP

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