WSOP Main Event Day 4: 291 Players Left – Maria Ho Still in Contention

maria Ho3746 excited players took their seats on Day 4 of the Main Event. They were only around 50 players away from making the money and a cash of minimum $18,406. When the day was in the books, only 291 players remained and each player was guaranteed $33,734.

In the Money

There were still a lot ladies left at the start of the day, but after the money bubble burst the eliminations came in quick order. As reported by PokerNews Canadian pro Laurence Grondin lost most of her stack with A4 vs. Gregory Josifovski’s pair of jacks and soon after she was sent to the rail in #563 for $20,228:

Jennifer Malensek was the next woman to go in #512, when she was all in on the turn with two pairs and saw her opponent hit a straight on the river. Malensek got $22,678 for her effort and great run:

Women in Poker Hall of Fame inductee JJ Liu was sent to the rail in #480 and collected a paycheck of $22,678. With the recent score Liu is rapidly approaching the $3 million mark in live tournament earnings. Liu is currently ranked No. 6 on Women’s All Time Money List according to Hendon Mob.

Vera Kelleher, the Danish poker player who lives in London, had around 270,000 in chips, when she started the day. Unfortunately she lost half of her stack with jacks against AQ, when her opponent hit a queen on the river. Kelleher got her last chips in the middle with a pair of eights, but was up against kings. The board didn’t improve her hand and Kelleher was sent home in #469 with $25,756 in her pocket.

Soon after the luck ran out for Lisa Nomura Tehan. She got the last of her chips in on a board of with for at chance of hitting a straight or a flush. But unfortunately Michael Finstein had for a turned full house, and Tehan was drawing dead. She finished in #465 for $25,756.

Member of PokerStars Team Online Russia’s Tatiana Barausova was next to go in #449 ($25,756), when she showed with from the small blind to an UTG limp. She was up against and the board failed to improve her hand.

Brasilian Mixed game pro Maria Mayrinck survived the elimination of 10-time bracelet winner Phil Ivey, who was sent to the rail in #430. Mayrinck made it all the way to #403 ($29,400), where she went bust with top two pairs against a flush:

Climbing to the Top

Fortunately six women survived Day 4 with a chance of making it to the final table. Mikiyo Aoki already made a final table this year, when she finished runner-up in the Ladies Event. Perhaps it’s the confidence from this great achievement that saw her climb up to 1,546,000 in chips.

It’s also looking very good for Marcia Kuntz as she bagged 1,189,000 in chips at the end of the day. Cancer Research Supervisor Darlene Lee from Canada had a rollercoaster day as she was down to 10 big blinds twice, but was able to chip up to 54 big blinds at the end the day:

Maria Ho started Day 4 with 182k in chips. At one point she was above 600k, but she fell back a bit to end the day with 544k in chips, which equals 45 big blinds. In 2012 Ho finished runner up in a $5,000 NLHE event at the WSOP for $540,020. If she is to surpass this score, she has to finish the Main Event at least in 12th place.

The final two ladies to advance to Day 5 are Ruth Graham with 323k (27bb) in chips and Ronit Aharoni with 227k (19bb).

Good luck to you all from PokerWomenNews

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