WSOP Main Event Day 6: Kelly Minkin With 29th Place Finish 

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6,240 players had been reduced to only 69 at the start of Day 6 of the WSOP $10,000 Main Event. Besides the many top-notch players still left in the field – Daniel Negreaneu, Brian Hastings, Toby Lewis and Fedor Holz among other – Kelly Minkin stood out as the only woman left with a shot a becoming the next World Champion. 

Minkin started the day in the middle of the pack in 37th place with 2,145,000, and she came off to the best start possible, when she in the second hand of the day doubled up with a pair of jacks against Jonas Mackoff’s AK. The huge pot saw Minkin’s stack grow to 4,335,000 (91 bb), and at the first break of the day, where 13 players had already been eliminated, Minkin was 13th in chips.

After the break Minkin kept climbing the leaderboard. A four-way pot saw Minkin chip up to 6,195,000 (104 bb). The action started with 6-times bracelet winner Daniel Negreaneu raising from early position. Max Steinberg, Justin Schwartz and Kelly MInkin all called. On a flop of Steinberg bet 285,000, Minkin called and Negreaneu and Schwartz folded. Both players checked the turn and the river. Minkin’s won the pot, and Steinberg mucked.

The pot propelled Minkin up to 8th place in the chip count. Meanwhile some of the game’s best had been eliminated: Justin Bonomo in 64th place, Toby Lewis in 53rd, Matt Jarvis in 51st, and Brian Hastings in 49th.

A flopped full house vs German player Anton Morgenstern added more chips to Minkin’s stack, and with 44 players left Minkin had 7,575,000 (95 bb) to her name.

Minkin was responsible for the next elimination, when she sent Mark Kroon to the rail in 43rd place. Kroon, who was getting short, moved all in from under the gun with and received a call from Minkin with . The board ran out , and Kroon’s Main Event was over, while Minkin chipped up to 8,340,000 (104 bb).

Before dinner break Max Greenwood was sent home packing in 42nd place, Julian Parmann in 41st, Thomas Paul in 40th, Bob Buckenmeyer in 39th, Shay Zurr in 38th, and Arman Soltani in 37th place. They all picked up $164,086 for their deep runs. Minkin was 9th in chips and she could enjoy a much-deserved break.

Down to just four tables Minkin lost a chunk of chips to Alexander Turyansky, when she had to fold on the river after the German player had three-bet preflop and continued his aggression on both flop and river on a board of . Minkin was now sitting with 7,450,000 (74 bb).

After the elimination of Upheska de Silva in 36th place, Chun Law in 35th, and Jake Tool in 34th, Minkin lost a few pots, but was still in great shape with around 70 big blinds. After the last break of the day Minkin was involved in a hand that saw her slide below average for the first time. The action started with Minkin opening to 275,000 from the cutoff, and David Stefanski defending in the big blind. On a flop of Stefanski lead out with a bet 305,000, and received a call from Minkin. When the fell on the turn Stefanski continued for 645,000, and Minkin called once more. When the prevailed on the river Stefanski bet 2 million, and Minkin let her hand go. She now had 5,800, 000 (48 bb).

Stefanski kept up the aggression, and down to 30 players, Minkin and Stefanski got into a preflop raising war, which ended with Minkin folding to Stefanski’s four-bet to 1,305,000. The hand left Minkin with 2,490,000 in chips (20 bb), and half an hour later it was over for the accomplished poker player and attorney.

In what became Kelly Minkins last hand of the night Anton Morgenstern limped from the button, and Federico Butteroni in the small blind and Kelly Minkin in the big blind came along. On a flop of Butteroni bet 150,000, which saw Minkin move all in for 2,025,000 total. Morgenstern folded, and Butteroni called to put Minkin’s Main Event life at risk. Butteroni turned over for trip tens, and Minkin tabled for trip tens as well but with a lesser kicker. The on the turn gave Butteroni a full house, and the on the river knocked Kelly Minkin out in 29th place for $211,821.

With this score Kelly Minkin moved up to nearly §750,000 in live tournament winnings. She earned the biggest score in her career in February this year, where she took 3rd in WPT Lucky Hearts for $262,912. With the deep runs Minkin has had this year, and her impressive performance in the Main Event, Minkin is a force to be reckoned with, and we will not be surprised to see Minkin take down a big WPT-, EPT or WSOP-event in the future.

Photo: Kelly Minkin, World Poker Tour

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