WSOP Main Event: Highlights From the First Two Starting Days

main event braceletThe event we have all been waiting for kicked off Saturday, when 771 players found their seats at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino – a little less than the 943 entries from last year’s Day 1a. But on Day 1b 2,144 players showed up, which was around 500 more compared to 2013. 3,439 players need to register for Day 1c to surpass the field one year ago. Everything indicates that Day 1c is going to attract more than 3,500 players and maybe up to 4,000, in which case the 2014 edition of the Main Event will be one of the largest in recent years.

Out of the 2144 entries on Day 1a and 1b 1,800 survived to play day 2 on Tuesday. The remaining players from Day 1c will resume play on Wednesday.

We have to wait and see, whether more women are playing the Main Event this year. In 2013 298 women participated, which equals 4,7%. Let’s hope we surpass 5% this year.

Day 1A

On the first starting day Debbie Espe, who recently took down a Deepstack event at the Rio, won a huge pot against Jason Mercier. On a board of Espe bet 1,300 from the hijack seat. Mercier, who was in the cutoff, raised to 4,100, which Espe called. The turn was the and Espe checked. Mercier bet 6,300 and Espe called once more. The river brought the , and Espe now took the lead with a bet of 11,000. According to PokerNews’ blog, Mercier went in the tank for four minutes before her finally called. Espe showed for a rivered flush and raked in the massive pot, which saw her stack grow to 54,000.

On the other end of the spectrum Amanda Musumeci had a rough start to the day, which she shared on Twitter:

In spite of her bad luck Musumeci was able to survive to Day 2 with around 10k in chips.

888pro Jessica Dawley, who was on the secondary feature table with Antonio Esfandiari and Amanda Musumeci among others, had a bit of a roller coaster day. At one point she was down to 28k and the next up to 42,000. At the end of the day Dawley bagged 24.

Other notables who survived Day 1a include winner of Main Event Europe Annette Obrestad (54,625), Marcia Topp (51,225), Maria Mayrinck (48,075), Brigette Lau (46,575) and Susie Isaacs (39,675). Bracelet winner Kristen Bicknell was not so fortunate as she was eliminated during the day together with Trishnelle Cannatella and Cathy Dever.

Day 1B

Day 1b saw a lot of ladies enter, among them Nancy Birnbaum, who kept building on her stack through out the day. It was a very satisfied Birnbaum who – at the end of the day – was able to bag and tag 83,500 in chips:

PokerStars pro Liv Boeree took a big hit, when she bluffed all the way to the river on a board of and her opponent called her down with versus Boeree’s . Boeree commented on Twitter:

Boeree was able to chip up, and she finished the day with 23,300 in chips.

While 888pro Sofia Lovgren could not get anything going and eventually busted, when she was all in with a pair of tens and got snapped off by aces, her fellow pro, Xuan Liu, had a much better day, which concluded with 69,075 in her stack.

Other notables who made it to day two include Taiwanese pro Kitty Kuo, who just finished third in Hollywood Poker Open Championship for $200,000. Even though Kuo generously gave her run good hat to former PokerNews reporter Kristy Arnett, she ended the day with massive 102,950 in chips, which brings her into top 50 overall. Mimi Luu finished the day in very good shape with 85,000, and the run good hat did its magic as Kristy Arnett was bagging 75,550 in chips at the end of the day.

On two day two with healthy stacks were also Rachel Krantz (79,900), Erika Sand (50,000), Debbie Inman (49,200), Jamie Kerstetter (43,925), Amanda Baker (43,500), Allyn Shulman (42,000), Elizabeth Montizanti (40,950), Vanessa Selbst (38,075), Marsha Wolak (38,000), Christina Lindley (37,925) and Lauren Kling (35,000).

Unfortunately Jamila von Perger and Ronit Chamani did not survive to play day 2. But with this amount of very talented female poker players, there’s much to look forward to on Day 2.

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